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Yu Te was founded in January 1970. As an agent for Japan RIKEN, Yu Te is proud to present the following products; Piston Rings and Cylinder Blocks (for motorcycles), used as parts in the productions of motorcycle engines. Piston Rings and Cylinder Blocks are also produced for Air Compressors and Generators alike.

With limited land and mass population, in accordance with strong economy and industry development, motorcycles have since become a daily necessity transportation mode. Piston Rings and Cylinder Blocks are the heart of a motorcycle engine.

The Piston Rings and Cylinder Blocks (for motorcycles) not only reduce air pollution; it is also a major resource in maintaining a clean and healthy environment. Due to the demands and guidelines set by both the government and the market, there will constantly be new products that excel in reducing environmental hazards, high automotive power with excellence in quality to meet the overall market.

With a history of 50 years, Yu Te is the first company to act as an agent for these products other than the Japanese counterparts. Since the oil crisis in 1974, 3 major factories in Japan founded an association, which conducts a meeting annually (4 seasons) in Taipei, Taichung and Tainan. In these meetings, RIKEN products outshine the other competitors by a far cry. Yu Te welcomes your orders and enquires.


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